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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why can't I buy certain items on my Visa, MasterCard, AmEx etc?
A. Some of our payment processors don't allow certain items to be bought through their checkouts as part of their policies. We are working to add more payment providers to offer more choice, but please note you can pay in Bitcoins for any items.
Q. What the heck are Bitcoins?
A. Bitcoins are a new digital currency. You can obtain Bitcoins with cash deposits at most major banks and grocery stores across the US via For more about Bitcoins and how to get them please see our links page.
Q. I heard that Bitcoin transactions are irreversible and I want to place a large order - how do I know my payment will be honoured?
A. Is is true that, unlike traditional card payments, Bitcoin transactions cannot be reversed. For larger value orders we advise going through an independent escrow service for your peace of mind - contact us for details before placing your order.
Q. I have a 19th dan black belt in ninja-ness from a self-certified sensei's online-only dojo. I've trained my way up from a white belt OVER SIX MONTHS AGO and I've got all the DVDs and a bruised fingernail to prove it. Can I buy weapons from you?
A. lol. And, no.
Q. Why don't you ship certain items to my state/country?
A. Items, including collectibles, that can be classed as weapons are not shipped to countries currently under arms embargoes imposed by the UN, EU, or OSCE. In addition we do not send restricted items to countries under other internationally agreed restrictions for the maintenance of regional peace and stability.
Q. When will my items arrive?
A. We aim to dispatch your items within 48 hours of receipt of cleared payment (excluding weekends and public holidays) and we ship priority wherever possible. We also try to dispatch from locations nearest to you when possible. We e-mail you when your order has been inspected and sent out so you know when it's on its way, other than that because we ship worldwide we can only advise on a case-by-case basis if your items take an unusual amount of time to get to you. Please report undelivered items to us if it's been more than 21 days since we confirmed your order, but no later than 60 days.
Q. Your site says my browser is broken, what can I do?
A. You are using Microsoft Internet Explorer. We've taken some steps to make our site presentable in Internet Explorer but ours is just one of a growing number of sites that refuse to spend our own time and money making fixes for Microsoft's faulty and low quality software. They make plenty of money, and if they can't be bothered to fix IE after 24 years, neither can we. Our site should function adequately through your unfortunate choice of browser, but for the best experience of the world wide web we recommend upgrading to a modern browser. If that is not a possibility, try installing Google Chrome Frame (Google's own fix for all Microsoft browsers), or take the issue up with Microsoft. Count yourself lucky, at least we don't tax you for it :-)