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Books - Densho - Tenchijin Ryaku No Maki - Set

Tenchijin Ryaku No Maki - Set

Tenchijin Ryaku No Maki - Set



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This book by Paul Richardson contains the step by step instructions for all the kata in the Tenchijin Ryaku No Maki from his personal training notes. This book is regarded by many as the complete basis for all the basics found in the Bujinkan Dojo.

  • Book 1 - Ten Ryaku No Maki contains the basic skills of the Bujinkan Dojo, Ukemi/Kaiten (Rolling), Kamae (Postures), Sanshin No Kata, Kihon Happo, Ken (fists) etc.
  • Book 2 - Chi Ryaku No Maki contains the different Nage (throws), Gyaku (locks), Keri (kicks) and Shime (chokes) that are found in the Bujinkan Kata.
  • Book 3 - Jin Ryaku No Maki consists of a selected number of various Kata from the different Ryu-ha that are studied in the Bujinkan Dojo.

This set of 3 books are sized A5 (210mm - 148mm), and are bound in the Kikko Toji style, available in blue or burgundy covers.

Please note: There are no photos in this book, only text for the kata. Each kata is loaded with kanji for every Japanese term as they appear in the Kata.

In addition this book does not contain a photocopy or scan of the original text, and it does not contain a translation of the original Japanese text.

This is not a formal densho, but a representation of one.

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