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Takagi Oriemon

Takagi Oriemon



Takagi Oriemon - Budo hero of the Shiroishi area.

This book follows Takagi Oriemon, founder of the Takagi Yoshin line of Jujutsu/Jutaijutsu, on his Musha Shugyo around Japan.

It covers why and how he got the name Takagi , his relationship with his parents and his brother , his reasons for his leaving his home town and his journey around Japan learning from masters of martial arts. It talks of his feats of strength and of his wisdom.

The book is approximately 200 pages in length and contains original artwork inspired by the story.

This is a unique opportunity to gain a better understanding of the man whose martial arts legacy continues to this day, and whose Takagi Yoshin Ryu is practiced by thousands of students around the globe.

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