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Weapons - Shuriken - Taisha Ryu Hakudo Kyu Shuriken

Taisha Ryu Hakudo Kyu Shuriken

Taisha Ryu Hakudo Kyu Shuriken

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タイ捨流 白銅鏡手裏剣

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Taisha Ryu is very famous for its swordsmanship in Japan.

The founder of Taisha Ryu was Marume Iwami No kami Nyudo who noticed the Shinkage Ryu Sanko and Juyonken looked like circles. He developed this circular shuriken with the edges sharpened so that it is more designed for cutting rather than sticking into the target.

This shuriken is also known as an 'Enban gata'.

Tempered with a blackened finish.

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