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Musashi Wakizashi Musashi Wakizashi Musashi Wakizashi Musashi Wakizashi

Musashi Wakizashi



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Item No - K-MW (S) #1 $178.50
Item No - K-MW (I) #1 $178.50

Item No - K-MW (S) #1 (Sharp - Shinken)

Item No - K-MW (I) #1 (Blunt - Iaito)

This Katana sword is hand forged from AISI 1055 carbon steel. The blade comes either sharp (Shinken) or blunt (Iaito).

This katana can be taken apart fully anytime for maintenance. You can disassemble the blade from the handle by taking out the two bamboo pegs in the handle.

This sword is an excellent beginners sword at an excellent low price.

NOTE: This sword comes with a free sword bag but the stand is not included.


  • Overall Length: 84cm / 33.1 inch
  • Blade Length: 52 cm / 20.5 inch
  • Handle Length: 25 cm / 9.8 inch
  • Tsuba design : Musashi
  • Blade Material: AISI 1055 Carbon Steel
  • SAYA Material: Wood with polished lacquer
  • Handle Material: Genuine ray skin + Hard wood

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