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Kyoketsu Shoge 3

Kyoketsu Shoge 3



Item No - W-KS-3

According to history the Kyoketsu Shoge was developed by Tozawa Hakuunsai, founder of the Gyokko Ryu.

This is our deluxe Kyoketsu Shoge is based on the one in the book 'Ninjutsu history and traditions'. A metal blade that has been blacked with a wood handle that is then wrapped in leather cord to give it an excellent grip. The ends of the handle are mounted in copper to strengthen and secure the handle. A black 3ply cord measuring approximately 18feet (6m) is attached to the handle by a ring loop. At the other end is a steel ring

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This is an excellent quality item. If you require the blade to be sharp please let us know after purchase,

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