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Weapons - Shuriken - Ikkaku Ryu Boshuriken

Ikkaku Ryu Boshuriken

Ikkaku Ryu Boshuriken

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A very heavy double pointed, but strong shuriken. Made from steel and tempered, with a blackened or silver finish.

This is similar to the Chishin Ryu but with a double point.

Ikkaku-ken is the name given to a relatively modern style of shuriken, created in 1965 by modern day shuriken master, and author Shirakami Eizo. He left no successor as head of this Ryu. He was a student of Master Naruse Kanji (d. 1948), the 3rd headmaster of Negishi Ryu shurikenjutsu. Naruse Sensei was a student of Yonegawa Magoroku who was a student of the founder of Shirai Ryu, Shirai Toru

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